Friday, June 27, 2008

In Motion

Since people seem to be obsessed with newborns of any variety (puppies, panda cubs, even us newborns without fur), they like to avoid doing their work and watch videos of them being silly. My daddy is still practicing his basic photography skills, so his ability to capture and/or edit interesting video is still pretty limited. However, he did play with the "continuous shot" feature of his camera yesterday to create "almost-video". He seemed kind of pathetic, so I humored him by moving around, smiling a little, and even giving a half-laugh. I even did it TWICE in once day so maybe he wouldn't bother me with it for a little while. :)

Mommy says you adults don't have people trying to make sure you are happy and entertained all day. That sounds terrible! So, when your day starts to get a little tiring or boring today and you need a break, I think you should call your co-workers on over and you can all watch the slideshow below together. Add your own sound effects for extra fun!

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