Monday, July 21, 2008

Daddy needs a new camera

DSC_0086On Saturday, I met my parents' friends Rebecca and Barrett and my new buddy Ella, who is only a tiny bit younger than me. Of course they all were very nice, and very tall! We all went to lunch and us babies were very well behaved, I must say.

Barrett has a super camera he uses for his blog about "food", "cooking", and "culture" (whatever those are). They took a bunch of pictures that look really good, despite the crazy lighting from the bright sun coming through the window.

I like this one of me and Mommy, but there are lots of other good ones in the rest of the set. I guess my dad needs a new camera like they have, or maybe just needs to learn how to take photos. I mean, did you see this one? Talk about embarrassing, sheesh!

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